Silver conductive inks

Our silver conductive inks and thick pastes make use of the latest advances in materials science and technology to provide aqueous formulations which match the performance of conventional solvent inks.


The main benefits of our silver conductive inks are:

  • low-temperature cure at any temperature between 25 °C and 190 °C, suitable for printing on polymers, paper, textile, biological materials, and other heat sensitive substrates
  • excellent environmental stability once cured, including in humid and warm conditions
  • thermally stable up to 220 °C once cured
  • stored at room temperature with shelf life usually exceeding 12 months
  • drastically reduced transport and storage costs, due to lack of flammable solvents
  • reduced compliance costs.


Our products are particularly advantageous in applications where solvent inks cannot be used because the organic solvent reacts and causes damage to other components in the assembly.

In medical devices and wearable technology, our silver inks offer aqueous formulations free from organic solvents, meeting the demanding non-toxicity requirements in these applications.

Additionally, our silver conductive inks are suitable for general purpose use offering ultimate safety and convenience, without the need for specialist solvent extraction.

Product Ranges

Product range Description and main applications
F0500: Low viscosity inks Low-viscosity silver conductive inks suitable for flexographic and gravure printing, and slot-die coating on plastic and paper substrates. The coatings can be cured by heating, and photonic processing such as laser and flash lamp. 
F0200: Screen printable pastes

This product range includes specialist pastes for stretchable and wearable electronics, providing highly flexible and soft electronic circuitry on challenging substrates such as textiles, stretchable TPU, and heat sensitive materials.

Screen printable silver pastes which can be applied with manual and semi-automatic screen printers, bar coating, rod coating, etc.

S0600: Thick pastes for dispensing and stencil Thick pastes for pneumatic dispensing, micro-extrusion, and stencil printing.  Supplied in one-part syringes with shelf life exceeding 12 months. Used in 3D printing, structural electronics, and power electronics interconnects.

Customised Products

Silver conductive inks are one of the most widely used materials in printed, plastic and hybrid electronics simply because all electronic devices require multiple interconnects. However, novel applications often require bespoke and innovative materials to enable new functionalities and properties which cannot be met by existing products on the market.

Many of our silver conductive inks are custom made for specific applications. For example, ink formulations can be uniquely designed to meet specific requirements for processing and cure, specialist substrates, mechanical properties, and environmental stability.

Contact us for further information, detailed technical specifications, and confidential discussion about your specific requirements.

How to Order

Our silver conductive inks can be purchased directly from us. Please send your inquiry using the Contact us form, or by emailing

Selected best-selling products can be purchased from our distributor Strem Chemicals UK Ltd.

Thick paste for pneumatic dispensing.

Screen-printable silver paste.

Watch this short video for examples of using our materials with pneumatic dispensing: