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Silver conductive inks

Our products make use of the latest advances in materials science and technology to provide user-friendly, aqueous conductive inks and pastes which match the performance of the conventional solvent inks.

Our silver conductive technology provides the following key benefits:

  • low temperature curing (25 – 120 °C) and suitable for printing on heat-sensitive polymers, paper and textile
  • user-friendly, water-based formulations, practically zero-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • comparable performance to conventional solvent-based conductive inks
  • drastically reduced costs as there is no need for solvent reclamation, in addition to reduced transport and storage costs
  • reduced compliance costs, especially for ATEX (Directive 99/92/EC)

Available products

*The silver conductive inks and adhesives are patent pending, UK Patent Application Number 1707360.2
Our standard silver conductive inks can now be purchased from Strem Chemicals UK Ltd.
Contact us directly for information about our bespoke and specialist silver conductive inks.