Specialty Materials and Formulations

Plastic Electronics • Wearables • 3D Printing • Energy Storage • Internet-of-things

About Us

DZP Technologies is a leading developer of specialty materials, formulations, and technologies for emerging industries. We work closely with our customers to create innovative materials for a range of markets, from consumer electronics and wearables, to 3D-printing and renewable energy.

Founded in 2008, we work with forward-thinking businesses and enterprises to fast-track scientific discoveries and create advanced technologies for a wide range of markets. We are happy to take on the toughest technical challenges, using our expertise to help our customers develop innovative, sustainable products which offer a true differentiator in competitive markets.

What we do differently

We specialise in aqueous materials and formulations which are both user- and environmentally-friendly. Our materials provide a cost efficient alternative to conventional organic solvent systems which not only pose health risks to users, but also have hidden costs for solvent reclamation and health and safety compliance.

We believe aqueous systems are the technology of the future. We work with our customers to minimise the environmental impact of their products whilst reducing costs and improving performance.


Why printed electronics

Printed and plastic electronics have the potential to revolutionise many industries – including consumer electronics, medical devices, automotive and aerospace. Low temperature, solution-based printing and coating enables the use of flexible substrates – such as polymers and paper – for the manufacture of electronics. This allows the efficient production of thin, lightweight and malleable electronic, photonic and energy storage devices, while reducing energy consumption and waste.

Contact us to find out how your industry, products and processes could be transformed by using lighter, safer and more flexible printed electronics.

Covid-19 update

We are following the UK government guidance on managing the risks of Covid-19 and we have taken steps to protect the health and wellbeing of our staff and their families, and to ensure that we work safely during coronavirus. We continue to operate, and we are able to supply our products and materials to customers in the UK and abroad. Keeping our facilities open and safe means that we can continue to provide R&D, characterisation, and product development services related to novel electronics. New projects can be agreed and delivered within short timescales, to ensure our customers receive the services and materials they need in these challenging times. We continuously review the situation and we will keep you updated.