Conductive materials continue to be a key area of innovation in industrial electronics. This was a clear message from the UltraWire online workshop which took place earlier in July. Ultrawire is a collaboration platform which supports the commercialisation of ultra-conductive materials, including nano-carbon and metal-based composites for use in electrical energy transmission, transport, and other industrial applications ( This year’s workshop featured presentations about recent developments in hybrid wires and carbon nanotubes for electrical conduction, as well as novel additive manufacturing for embedded wiring.  Graphene enhanced conductors and conductive composites were the topic of several talks, and the properties and promises of these innovative materials were critically reviewed.

The workshop brought together technology development leaders and industrial end-users from over 20 organisations from the UK, Europe and US; including Whirlpool Corporation, Argonne National Laboratory, SG Wire, European Copper Institute, TWI, Graphene Laboratories Inc, and Haydale Composite Solutions, among others; in addition to researchers from the University of Cambridge, Brunel Composites Centre, and Swansea University.

Dr Zlatka Stoeva, a managing director of DZP Technologies gave a talk about the company latest conductive products for two specific applications: power electronics and smart textiles.

Many thanks to CNT Ltd for excellent organisation and enlightening discussion, and for inviting us to take part in the workshop. We hope to meet everyone face to face at next year’s workshop in Cambridge.