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Silver Conductive Printing

Silver conductive inks are one of the most important products in printed and plastic electronics simply because all electronic devices require multiple interconnects and electrodes.

Our conductive inks meet the challenges of today’s technology in terms of performance and specifications, processing temperatures, cost, energy efficiency, and manufacturability.


Conductive inks find applications in all areas of printed and plastic electronics:

• Conductive connectors in printed circuit boards that can be rigid or flexible
• Wearable electronics
• 3D printing
• Medical devices and bio-sensors
• Smart packaging
• Low weight, flexible aerospace and automotive components
• Electrodes in OLED and photovoltaics
• Current collectors in flexible batteries and super capacitors.

Many of our silver conductive inks are custom made for specific applications. For example, ink formulations can be uniquely designed to meet specific requirements for conductivity, adhesion, resolution, mechanical robustness, and environmental stability.

Available products

Product group Description
F0280, S0470 Thick aqueous pastes suitable for screen printing and low temperature processing. Can be cured by temperature annealing at 120 °C, flash lamp processing, laser sintering, or Ohmic heating.
F0540 Low viscosity, aqueous inks suitable for flexography and slot die coating. Cured by temperature annealing at 120 °C or photonic processing.
S0250 Thick aqueous paste suitable for use with Laser Induced Forward Transfer (LIFT).
SA850 One-part aqueous conductive adhesive for plastics, polymers, textiles, and hybrid electronics.

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