Graphene is a nanomaterial that has been attracting a remarkable amount of interest as a potential game changer for various applications, from energy storage to flexible transparent displays. This material is a carbon sheet that is just one atom thick, with outstanding electronic properties, and chemical and mechanical stability.

With a focus on commercially viable technology development, we work in the chasm that often exists between the academic research centres and companies seeking to develop graphene products that fill a market need.

With no tie to specific graphene raw material, we adopt a holistic approach to technology development. Our primary focus is on the best solution for a specific product, and not the ‘take-it-or-leave-it’ approach often found with large commercial ink manufacturers which offer off-the-shelf products. If a customised graphene ink is the solution, we will work with you to develop a commercially viable product.

We have experience in the following graphene technologies:

• Conductive graphene inks and thick pastes
• Aqueous graphene dispersions
• Graphene energy storage (supercapacitors and batteries)
• Graphene for optical detection
• Graphene laser patterning and Laser Induced Forward Transfer (LIFT).

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