Electrically conductive adhesives

Our electrically conductive adhesives are unique formulations which were specifically developed to meet the needs of todays’ electronics industry and emerging technologies.


Our conductive adhesives provide the following properties:


  • low-temperature cure at any temperature between 50 °C and 220 °C
  • one-part adhesives stored at room temperature, enabling their use over many days and months to fit prototyping and low-volume production schedules
  • ready to use as supplied, no pre-mixing required
  • excellent environmental stability once cured, including in humid and warm conditions
  • suitable for dispensing with commonly available dispensing equipment
  • supplied in syringes for manual dispensing and in specialist cartridges according to customer specifications
  • aqueous formulations without flammable and toxic solvents means safe use in any operating environment.



Flexible conductive adhesive which is used to bond woven conductive fabrics, metallised textiles, stretchable knitted fabrics, and other similar materials. This conductive glue remains flexible after cure, producing truly wearable and comfortable electronics. Cured by heating, ironing, heat-press, heat guns, etc.


Low-temperature solder replacement for bonding different materials in cases where traditional soldering is impossible or inconvenient. Possible uses include attaching wires to printed conductive tracks, connecting rigid and flexible components to create hybrid electronics, repairs to electronic components, etc.  


One-part, gap filler adhesive for bonding rigid substrates such as metals and semiconductor chips.

Customised Products

We are able to develop and supply bespoke silver conductive adhesives based on specific customer specifications. Contact us for further information, detailed technical specifications, and confidential discussion about your specific requirements.

How to order

Our conductive adhesives can be purchased directly from us. Please send your inquiry using the Contact us form, or by emailing info@dzptechnologies.com

Selected adhesive products can be purchased from our distributor Strem Chemicals UK Ltd.



Our conductive adhesives are supplied in different types of packaging, including syringes for manual dispensing and specialist cartridges.

Example of using conductive adhesive SA0820 for attaching micro-LEDs to printed conductive tracks on fabric.

Example of using conductive adhesive SA0820 as a solder replacement for the manual repair of electric circuit.
Left: using a manually operated syringe to dispense the adhesive. Right: final repaired circuit.